Ethiopia Guji Mesina Lot 023

  • Region: East Africa
  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Farm Name: Guji Mesina Lot 023 (Project Origin)
  • Altitude: 1,950 – 2300 masl
  • Primary Varietal: Heirloom
  • Processing: Fully Washed
  • Cupping Notes: Yellow Peach, Panela Sugar, Orange Blossom
  • Net Weight : 250Grams
Sidamo A is a “Coffee Growing Area” based on the Commercial Coffee Contracts from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). Sidamo A is located in the south of Ethiopia, near the Yirgacheffe region. The area is made up of twenty different administrative areas or woredas, with varying microclimates and different altitudes. A lot of great coffee comes from this area as it contains the popular coffee zone of Guji and the renowned town of Shakisso.

Meseret, a very experienced coffee exporter and Bekena, a local coffee producer, started this joined project in the beginning of 2017 with the goal of gaining more control over Ethiopian coffee quality.

Sasa Sestic, Project Origin founder, helped also design this washing station and shared his expertise on the field with ZB’s team to also create here, a hub for coffee processing experimentation. With the goal of pushing the quality of Ethiopian coffee further this station has very high standards from the moment of picking and sorting, fermenting and especially careful drying.

The washing station is called ZB, short for Zeritu and Banchayehu, the names of the wife and daughter of the co-owner and founder, Bekena. The station is located in Masina town, in the Adola area of Sidamo Guji.


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