Zambia Ngoli Estate

  • Region: East Africa
  • Origin: Zambia
  • Farm Name: Ngoli Estate
  • Altitude: 1,400 masl
  • Plantation Scale : 262 Ha
  • Primary Varietal: Catimor 129
  • Processing: Natural
  • Soil Condition : Nutrient-rich sandy loam
  • Cupping Notes: Blueberry, Candied Orange, Fruit Punch
  • Net Weight : 250Grams

Established under the aegis of the World Bank, the first coffee tree in was planted at Ngoli in 1972. Coffee was seen as an alternative agri-supply chain in Zambia that supported the economy to move away from the extractive copper industry.


The Ngoli Estate has maintain an excellent relationship with the local community. By respecting the ancient traditions, NCCL operates in close collaboration with the indigenous communities who in turn supports to the estate participating in the production of its fine coffee. The estate benefits from pure underground spring water used for both irrigation and post-harvest washing.

*Due to MCO, all coffee will be roasted on demand. We will call you once coffee is ready is send out or ready for collection.