Our Story

Who We Are?

TOOTHLESS COFFEE is a Malaysia-based company established in 2016.

TOOTHLESS COFFEE is a brand that promises to deliver top-notch quality coffee from around the world to its customers. There is no compromise on quality, price and convenience for our customers enjoyment and satisfaction. TOOTHLESS COFFEE is the brainchild of Mr. Edward Choo, the founder who strives in sourcing great green beans, roasting them and creating a connection from the farm to our customer.

Our vision: “Unlock the taste of great coffees together!”

TOOTHLESS COFFEE carefully sources green beans from farmers all around the world. After roasting, our roaster will personally carry out a stringent hand sorting  and cupping process to derive the taste notes.


His curiosity for a good cup of coffee got him to start putting his interest into the roasting coffee industry which leads him to where he is today. In fact, Mr Edward have significantly contribute and make commitment to the Malaysia Coffee Industry. He has been head judge, sensory judge, visual judge as well as technical judge of national coffee competition both locally and overseas. As a matter of fact, his judging experience started since 2015 and now, he is providing coaching service to competition candidates. By the same token, Mr Edward is a certified World Judge (WCE) sensory for World Barista Championship (WBC), sensory for World Brewers Cup (WBrC) and visual for World Latte Art (WLAC).

With four years of roasting experience, there is no surprise that he has joined numerous of roasting competition where it is held in Vietnam, Taiwan and of course, Malaysia. The continuous effort and learning curve have motivated and encouraged Mr. Edward to consistently persuade for coffee knowledge as to bring out the significant sweet and flavourful cup of coffee.