Double Concentrate

Bringing the café experience back home! (Only available online)

Espresso Concentrate

Espresso extracted daily for coffee addict who wants the café experience in the comfort of their own home without having an espresso machine.

Prepared using chilled espresso and extracted with higher extraction ratio.

Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold Brew extracted daily for coffee addicts who wants cold brew to enjoy at home and wants a higher caffeine kick.

Brewed for 22 hours in the refrigerator with a stronger ratio in the chiller and sieved to remove fine grounds.

We only prepare and bottled once order is placed to ensure you receive a fresh bottle of concentrate.

Bottle Size
125 ml x 2

Drinks Preparation
Prepare with a ratio of 1:3 for both black and white coffee.

1 bottle makes up to 4 servings. The concentrate is best to consume in 12 days.

Keep refrigerated at all time. Shake well before opening.

1:2 Ratio (STRONGER)

  • 30 ml of Concentrate
  • 60 ml of Water (Hot or Chilled) or 60 ml of Milk (Heated or Chilled)


  • 30 ml of Concentrate
  • 90 ml of Water (Hot or Chilled) or 90 ml of Milk (Heated or Chilled)

1:4 Ratio (LIGHTER)

  • 30 ml of Concentrate
  • 120 ml of Water (Hot or Chilled) or 120 ml of Milk (Heated or Chilled)

*Add a handful of ice for a cold drink.


Local Pick-Up Options:
Currently the Concentrate Series are only available for LOCAL PICK UP at Kings Hall Cafe (Petaling Jaya). However, we do provide deliveries within Klang Valley.

Limited Delivery Options:
We can only arrange deliveries within Klang Valley area. Kindly check out under LOCAL PICK UP and do let us know at “Order Notes” if you are going to do Local Pick Up or need us to deliver it to you doorstep at the check out counter (Only applicable for Concentrate Series).
*Due to MCO, all concentrates are made on demand. Do allow 1-2 days for preparation.